8 Week Stacks

7 Week Portraits & Fun Photos

7 Week Stacks !

Some outdoor fun

An upgrade

UpgradeThe puppies got an upgrade this last week to a larger pen. We took them out of the spare bedroom and converted our living room into a play and sleep area. They’re also learning to run out of the pen door, around the corner and out the front door. They’re having a great time outside though our weather has been hit or miss.

With other concerns in the last week, I haven’t taken many photos. Be assured they’re not any less cute than they were the week before! This weekend will be dedicated to taking new photos and maybe even some baby stack photos of the group.

Uma is finally getting back to a state of normal after weaning. She is still a little saggy but should have her girlish figure back in a few more weeks. She loves to visit with them, but one at time, and only if we’re holding onto them. No baby teeth for her!